A 27 year old boy visited with complaint of falling into all types of addictions be it smoking alcohol sex & pornography excessive eating etc. He had major personality problems, lack of confidence, inferiority, no stable occupation or relationship. He was given counseling and hypnotherapy. Treatment continued for about six months. Gradually he could reshape his life, adopted positive coping skills, improved in his relationships and started meaningful life for himself.

A couple visited with complaints of frequent fights due to infidelity and alcohol problem. Husband was drinking daily and blamed wife of infidelity. Wife complained lack of care and time from husband. In few sessions of counseling both realized how they are playing a role in creation of discord and how they can easily eliminate this. They went happy and later called to tell how they feel a strong bond between them.

A 60 year old female visited with severe anxiety over everyday small things. Her sleep was disturbed and she would ofter have palpitations and restlessness. This affected entire family atmosphere. She was put under homeopathic psychiatry. She responded well to treatment and in few days she became free of her anxiety.

A 40 year old male visited with complaints of unwanted negative thoughts. This created fear in him and he lost his confidence. He was put under psychoanalysis and it was discovered that some past incidents were bothering him. He took few counseling sessions and became free from all negative thoughts. His confidence also improved.

A 25 year old girl visited with complaint of feeling of inferior. She was finding it difficult to maintain relationships. Her performance was getting affected and she slipped into depression. She joined cognitive behavior therapy. Initially she came every week and later once in 15 days. Therapy continued for more than one year. During the course she could remove her inferiority, have positive relationships and improved in her performance.

A 31 year old male visited with complaints of fear of height. He was unable to go to higher floors of building. His office was at 12th floor. He was finding it difficult to work and wanted to leave job which otherwise was very good. His complaints were assessed and he was put under hypnotherapy treatment. By the end of treatment his phobia was no more there and he reported that he could go to even higher floors without difficulty.

A 27 year old male patient visited with complaints of OCD with repeated hand washing, unwanted compelling thoughts and other related complaints. After detailed assessment he was suggested hypnotherapy along with cognitive behavior therapy. In about 15 days he reported significant control over thought process and behavior. Another course of treatment was suggested by the end of which he was free from his complaints.

A family consulted about one of child age 19 years. Child had aggressive violent behavior, abusive language, aversion to studies & lack of self care. After assessment it was discovered that the child had many bad experiences during childhood and he blamed parents for that. During sessions he explored deep inner feelings and learned ways to manage emotions in constructive way. In few days the family relationships and atmosphere turned positive.
A 29 year old female consulted for excessive stress in life. Last three years of her life had many changes after her marriage. She had a child to take care and long job hours. She had difficult relationship with her boss at office and she felt that even after trying much harder than others she is never appreciated and her effort is never recognized. Her boss would often scold her and she felt it was intentional. She was also reported to have behavior problems and had received notice for that. She called herself complete failure. She joined cognitive behavior therapy. In few sessions she had better understanding of her difficulties and started working on them. She started getting positive response both in office and home. She felt better and had more positive self image. Slowly she got control over her life.
A 45 year old male consulted for complaint of depression. He had a long history of business and professional setbacks. He was deep in loans and felt totally destroyed. His family life also got stressful due to this. He took counseling sessions. Later his wife also joined in. He started feeling emotionally stable and calm. After complete analysis stepwise planning was done to recover from financial turmoil. He could manage his financial situation better and in few months he became loan free. He reported complete recovery from depression.
A 21 year old female consulted for excessive eating disorder. She was obese, had problems with periods and some other medical problems. Her condition was causing depression in her along with poor relationships. She discussed her complaints and asked for solutions. As she continued psychological treatment she developed better self analysis, discovered her deep seated insecurities and her destructive behavior that was adding to problem. She was given different options of self care. She opted for one and started to work on it. All the obstacles were discussed and dealt. In about 4 months she gained control over her eating disorder and recovered from her psychological disturbance.
A 27 year old male visited with complaints of negative thoughts. Even after trying hard he was unable to think positively about anything. This created a feeling of hopelessness in him and he was unable to enjoy life. He asked for support. He re-engineered his thinking pattern under supervision and in 5 sessions he gained ability to think positively. He used this to achieve quick success and better relationships.
A 45 year old male visited with complaint of alcoholism. He started drinking at the age of 20 years. Earlier it was in friends company which slowly became daily habit. For past three years due to some financial problems he was drinking day and night. All this badly affected his family atmosphere. He joined psychotherapy. He revealed that for many years he wanted to get rid of alcohol but could not because of his mental status. Under psychotherapy he started to understand his mental status better and could see how some of his thinking pattern is defeating him. He changed his thinking & coping skills and in few days easily gave up alcohol.

A 40 year old male visited with complaints of sdivess related diarrhoea. Whenever he would face any sdivess at office or home, if he has some time bound work he would get diarrhoea which would make him feel embarrased. He started with psychotherapy. After first course he felt more relaxed in sdivessful situations. He continued with therapy and reported complete recovery.

A 18 year old female visited with family with complaints of fear of examination, failing memory and academic setbacks. She had a many negative childhood memories about school and exams. She joined course of psychotherapy and mastermind. In few days she reported relief in anxiety and could concendivate & learn better in studies. Her memory & academic performance showed big improvement.

A 24 year old male visited with complaint of unwanted sexual thoughts day and night. At times these thoughts were related to close family members and even God. He was under severe sdivess and feared about such thoughts becoming reality. After assessment he was given a course of psychotherapy including hypnotherapy. In few days he repoted freedom from such thoughts.

A 28 year old female patient came with complaints of post divaumatic sdivess disorder after one divagic event of life. She was terrified, unable to sleep well and had many physical symptoms as well. She was assessed and put under psychotherapy in which many therapies were combined. It took ten sessions for her to resolve her divauma and restart her normal life.

A 16 year old boy was brought by parents with complaint of examination phobia and poor academic performance. He would study hours every day but could not concentrate well and would go blank in exams. He was put under hypnotherapy. After few sessions he started studying with better concentration. He did well in exams and scored good grades.

A 22 year old female visited with severe anxiety about her health and thoughts of suffering from various diseases. This was badly affecting her studies. She requested for immediate help. She was put under hypnotherapy. In single course she was totally free from her anxiety and thoughts of diseases.

A 48 year old male visited with complaint of OCD, compulsive checking & hand washing along with persistent negative thoughts in brain. This was making life of entire family miserable. He was put under hypnotherapy. In few sessions his thinking pattern changed from negative to positive and he could check his compulsive behavior.

A 37 year old female visited with complain of fear of height. Her office was on seventh floor and she could not concentrate on work due to contant fear in mind. She was thinking of switching job. She asked for help. After few sessions of hypnotherapy she became free from her phobia. She was happy to become able to continue with her job.

A couple visited with a query. Can hypnotherapy change sexual behavior. Wife admitted that she had extreme sexual desire, very high sexual activity level and for few days was having pain during sexual activity due to vaginismus. She was put under hypnotherapy. Over few days couple reported positive change. She changed her outlook towards sexuality and moved towards deeper & healthier relationship with her husband. She became free from vaginismus and changed her sexual behavior to more safe & healthy. Couple is now living a happy life together.

A 34 year old male visited with complaints of fear of public speaking. He had good potential for success but this fear was proving a block. He took hypnotherapy for this fear. This improved his self confidence and he started taking initiative in public speaking. He was later promoted to play a bigger role in his organization.

A 21 year old male was brought by parents for drug addiction treatment. After detailed assessment and discussion he agreed for hypnotherapy. After one course he reported reduction in craving and more mental calmness. After two courses he could eliminate addiction from his life.

A couple visited with complaint of sexual incompatibility. They had a good bond but had difference in libido. Husband saw nothing to discuss whereas wife was in a state of frustration. Sessions of counseling revealed how they differed in their concept and language of sexuality. Both were in a state of dissatisfaction. The issue was discussed. They started to understand each other’s expression and meaning of sexuality. There was mutual growth and both started to gain higher satisfaction. This improved their relationship to new high.

Parents of two sides visited and brought boy and girl for pre marital counseling. Marriage date was coming near and the girl had started feeling uncomfortable about marriage. She postponed it first and then even thought of canceling it. Both joined counseling and shared their concerns and apprehensions. Most of these were based on assumed fears or others stories. They could easily overcome these. Girl had some genuine concerns. These issues were discussed with boy and they could figure out a way in between. Girl was satisfied and decided happily to proceed.

A couple visited 3 months after their marriage. They were sure that their marriage was a failure. They would fight over every little thing. They were ofopinion that they are totally incompatible and it would be useless to try any further. They attended sessions. They learned ‘how to create compatibility’. They were surprised to see that with slight openness they started to understand each other better. Soon they realized that they can gel with each other very well.

A 38 year old female visited and consulted about her marriage problems. Her main concern alcoholism and physical violence by her husband. She tried her best to convince him about how this is ruining their marriage but he did not change. She started with counseling sessions and few sessions later her husband joined. During the sessions husband revealed some past incidents which were causing him to go into alcohol. During further counseling husband could resolve his past negative memories. Both husband and wife decided to look towards a brighter future.

A couple visited to discuss problem of infidelity. Husband had met his college friends and this resulted in a relationship. This continued for about 6 months and then wife came to know about this. This led to major discord and wife decided to leave home. During discussion it came to surface that husband was having some psychological problems since he was a teen. He was given therapy for that and after few sessions of marital counseling they renewed their relationship.

A 55 year old female visited complaining about her husband who had developed sexual relations with his subordinate at office which he was running from home. Their kids were away for studies and job and couple used to stay alone. Husband was working from home and wife was teaching at a local school. One day she caught them and had a major fight. Even after this husband was not willing to end his relationships. Wife told children about this who were very upset but that too had no effect on husband. Both joined counselling sessions during which they re-explored their relationship. They could identify the void between them. Husband accepted and committed to change himself. Both worked on relationship and saw positivity re-flowing in it.

Entire family suffered at hands of father who was excessively dominating and had big temper. Wife and children were suppressed and felt suffocated. Father had rigid views about life and would impose on others. Any deviation was dealt with strict punishment. All this affected family atmosphere and everyone’s personality. There were joint and single sessions. Slowly family came out of trauma. They learnt to be more assertive which was resisted initially but finally helped in reshaping fathers attitude. Later father was invited for counselling during which he did introspection and could see how he negatively affected his family. He resolved to change and slowly became more open and positive person.

A 29 year old girl consulted online for counselling. She complained of harassment by mother in law. She was pregnant but wanted to commit suicide. She told that even her husband is not supportive. She was counselled and was asked to bring in her husband. Later her mother in law father in law and sister in law all joined. After complete analysis some solutions were chalked out to which family agreed. Husband and wife continued sessions and reviewed progress. With time the family atmosphere improved. Husband also improved in his understanding of wife’s situation. Both girl and boy were very happy.

A couple visited and asked for counselling for their two sons who both were in drug addiction. They had kept them in rehabilitation centre but were thinking of taking them out of there. Parents were concerned about family atmosphere and kids future. It was a very traumatic time for family. Family counselling sessions were planned. A complete road map was evolved how to arrange different things, how would be the roles of each member, what will be done in difficult time etc. Family started to move on. There were some difficult phases but eventually family regained emotional and behavioural stability. Boys got re-engaged in mainstream life and took their own responsibility.

A boy and a girl of age 19 years wanted to commit suicide due to broken relationship. Both were doubting each other and blaming each other. In just one session they cleared all doubts and went back together happily.

One family visited with multiple problems like alcohol, gambling, infidelity, daily fighting, sexual abuse etc. It was very complicated and a large number of factors were beyond control. Family counselling was conducted and slowly things started getting sorted out. Members could identify their role and created living space for others. At last there was paece and happiness in family.


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