In this hard charging world of cut and dry competition, what people really want is Tranquility; calmness; serenity and peace of mind. Yes there is a very simple way to cultivate tranquility. Try these methods.

1. Pay attention to your breathing.

When stress or anxiety strike, try to concentrate on your breathing. A simple breathing exercise can help you moving from anxiety to relaxation. Try this for at least a whole minutes. When you inhale say peace in. And at the time of exhaling say anxiety out.

2. Live in the moment

Once a person asked Buddha, “what you and your student practice. “He replied,-“We sit, we walk and we eat.” What that means. He further clarify that when he sit he know it. When he walk he know that. When he is hungry, he eat stomach full. Too much energy and time get lost in worrying about the coming future and getting frustrated about the future. Free yourself from pain of past and tear of future. Enjoy life.

3. Visualire Peace

Creating a relaxing picture in your mind will deliver peace while dissolving tensions. Psychiatrist advice for choosing picture, that equate with relaxation. A beach at sunrise, a forest deep in mountains.

4. Be curing and sharing person

When you care and share, you do same with tension to. It helps to dissolve it. Do you remember the story of Hell and Heaven. In hell there were people sitting in a room, under nourished, hungry. They had spoon and hot saucy food. But the handle of spoon were bigger than their hands. So they can’t fed themselves. While in heaven people were happy, healthy and joyful. The reason was they were feeding person next to them. So each one were getting good care and food.

5. Do not skimp on sleep

Many people are anxious and agitated, because they are not getting enough sleep. Faxt is if you do not sleep well you feel lousy and tired. It shows on your face. Your outlook of life become negative. Your body need enough time to regain it lost juice. Give it a break each night.

Dissolve tension and frustration with these diary notes stick to them for sometime and see the result.

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