Changing what you eat is only half the solution to changing your weight. The other half is what you tell yourself about food and your self image.
The first step is to decide to change your weight permanently. Yes, you need to make a decision and a commitment. More often then not, changing one’s weight is on their wish list and they approach it with no solid commitment. Notice I did not say, ‘lose weight.’ No one wants to lose anything, so while we are telling ourselves, ‘lose weight’ there is an unspoken rule running in our minds that is fear based. We have learned that ‘losing’ something is a ‘bad’ thing. Therefore, if we change the language we avoid triggering our ‘fear’ and therefore circumvent a mental block to having the body we desire and deserve.
The majority of people have thoughts running simultaneously, you are constantly giving yourself contradictory instructions-such as: “I want to lose weight” and “I want that delicious piece of pie.” Or “I want to lose weight.” and “One little piece of chocolate won’t hurt.” You can immediately recognize the contradiction-those statements are going in different directions. These contradictory messages prompt your unconscious mind to disregard what you consciously desire and deserve. In other words, you canceled out your own intent.
However, there is a more subtle yet more powerful self-defeating message-“I want to___” The statement, “I want to___, sets up a sense of longing-thus setting up a path of continuing the status quo. The statement-I can change my weight effortlessly and easily-gives not only a message of conviction, but the end result-weight change effortlessly and easily.
For your unconscious mind to be successful at things that seem impossible, those inappropriate unconscious patterns need to be changed into new habits that enhance your ability to get what you desire and deserve.
The good news is-you can stop the contradictory messages. You can learn two simple three-step processes that will put an end to the mental self-sabotage that has been holding you back. You can give your unconscious mind exactly what it needs to help you achieve what you consciously desire and deserve.
Hypnotherapy has been proved to be more effective than Psychoanalysis or Behavioral therapy. With Hypnotherapy, you allow your subconscious mind to release, resolve and heal your issues which contribute to using food as a problem solver. It’s not about only the food; it’s about eating behaviors you learned in childhood that dictate the way you deal with your life; such as stuffing your emotions with food. People often use food when they are, anxious, nervous, bored, stressed, hyperactive, sad, lonely, frustrated, afraid, even when they are happy. Let’s celebrate! Food is an easy salvo for emotional gratification, because it is immediate. That double fudge chocolate cake tastes so good in your mouth-it is mouth watering just thinking about it.
Learn how cutting the cords to emotional eating through hypnosis will relieve you from these ties as well as release the weight. By tuning into yourself, you will discover why you eat and learn how to release your attachment to unhealthy foods and unhealthy eating habits.

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Submited By: Dorothy M Neddermeyer

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