There is a story, on record, of a diabetic woman with multiple personalities. When her blood sugar levels were tested in her diabetic personality it was found to be dangerously high. However, when she flipped into another personality and the test was taken again immediately, her blood sugar level was now found to be normal. Her blood hadn’t had time to be flushed by the liver and kidneys. Now that story is big indicator of the potential power of your mind.

Your Unconscious Mind keeps your blood circulating, your heart beating, your digestion working, it keeps you breathing, blinking and all the other automatic body functions that are outside our conscious awareness. It also manages your body sensations. A moment before you read this, were you aware of the sensation of your feet on the floor, or your back against the chair? Well now you will be. There are sensations coming at you all the time, but you remain unaware of them. And probably a good job too. Your Unconscious Mind manages all of these sensations and body functions, without you having to worry or think about them.

In recent years science has caught up with Hypnosis and we are now beginning to understand the full extent of the connection between mind and body. There is evidence that your mental state and your though processes affect not only the body functions, but also every cell in your body, and this is happening all the time.

Information within the body is carried in the form of electrical impulses across the gaps between nerve cells. This gap is known as a synapse. And it is neuro-transmitters that perform this task of transferring impulses. These neuro-transmitters cover every cell in the body.

So the Unconscious Mind, along with all the other tasks highlighted above, also sends information that is transmitted through billions of cells in our body, giving us health or disease according to our our unconscious beliefs. Therefore it is also true that our immune systems is also controlled by our Unconscious Mind. The immune system is constantly listening in to the sounds, thoughts and pictures we hold in our head, and to the feelings and remembered experiences, good and bad, that are held for a lifetime in your memory. Therefore through the processes of our neuro-transmitters our immune systems are strongly affected by our Unconscious Minds.

And this is how hypnosis, and hypnotherapy, are able to work. By speaking to your Unconscious Mind while in a calm, relaxed state if deep inner focus, it is possible to alter the way we think and feel about ourselves and our bodies. So hypnosis can powerfully utilize the connection between our mind and our body to bring about positive and permanent change.

Article Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Hypnotherapy—The-Power-of-the-Mind&id=2528898

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