People suffering from a mental illness through an accident can often be left with brain damage or some kind of disability in the mind. Diverse parts of the brain can be affected, depending on which area has the malfunction or the part of the brain which has been destroyed.
This is turn can make an individual act differently from previously, and furthermore can disrupt that person’s life to point where they become dependent on someone to look after them, cleanse them and help them to live their life.
Brain damage has often been diagnosed as inoperable, but in saying this miracle stories have been known.
The question is, if our bodies know how to grow and develop cells from a baby, then why can’t cells reform and recreate themselves in adult life when there has been damage?
Hypnotherapy, the new alternative or complement to medicine, works on the brain to help it to realign itself and to adjust ways which we have learnt over the years, so who’s to say that having hypnotherapy treatment for brain damage and brain problems, that people who are unfortunate to suffer from this burden cannot be cured?
Our bodies are amazing places where we heal ourselves every day, and we have the capability to grow new parts to our bodies. For example, if we cut ourselves, then skin heals over it to defend it, and if we break a bone then admittedly help from specialists help to rectify the breakage, yet our bodies assist in the mending of it.
So why is this not the same with brain cells?
There was a story I once heard about a guy who was mentally retarded due to a serious car accident and the guy was blessed to be alive. However, this man believed he was Jesus and insisted that he was to all.
A hypnotherapist came to see the guy on numerous occasions and sat with him all the way through treatment to help him rehabilitate himself. After quite a few sessions the therapist at Easter arrived with a big wooden cross and a thorn crown for him and told him….
”ok we are off”
”where are we going” replied the man.
” Its Easter and we need to nail you to a cross and resurrect you for Easter as you are Jesus”
”I’m not Jesus replied the man”
”who are you then?”, asked the Hypnotherapist
”I’m”… And he answered his real name.
The purpose of the story is that this guy was mentally unaware who he was and after building a relationship with him and finding out how his mind worked the Hypnotherapist was able to be direct and put the guy in a place where he had no other choice but to use his brain to think powerfully about who he was.
So after brain damage and problems can we really mend ourselves with the help of Hypnotherapy?

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