Addictions in marriage


It does not matter whether it is illegal drugs, prescribed medications, and alcohol or porn addictions. These addictions can easily ruin and end a marriage. Couples in which a partner is addicted to something are often very unhappy than couples who don’t have problems with addictions. The couples fight and argue which sometimes can become violent.  When there is some sort of addiction there will normally be stress, depression, physical and/or mental abuse, and financial difficulties.

When there is not only a marriage, but children involved, an addiction can become even tougher. When there are no children, although difficult, the spouse can leave with little or no strings attached. When children come into the picture it is common for the non- addicted spouse to do everything to try to get the addict to stop. This is because they do not want to break the family apart.

With much work and several steps, a marriage cannot only be saved from an addiction, but may also grow stronger.

  • You should identify the type of addiction. You could find out
  • Be honest with each other. Be convinced the addiction really exists before you start looking for help.
  • Interacting with others who have been able to conquer addictions can really inspire your spouse to get through this situation.
  • Support the addict. If you do not support your spouse, he or she could just relapse, get discouraged or wonder whether they should even attempt to get over the addiction.
  • Strengthen the communication with your spouse.

You and your spouse have to work together in saving your marriage from addiction.

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