Cyber / Online / Internet / Chat relationship


Internet or chat relationships are common to turn into long distance relationships. You can broaden your horizons and get in touch with people from different locations. Sharing ideas, views and sometimes personal experience can be quite enriching and exciting. Since you do not have the option of meeting up daily to spend time together, you need to talk every day. If you do not talk often, the relationship will automatically begin to die slowly.

Steps to maintain online relationship

  • Try to talk every day for at least an hour or longer.
  • Enforce the sense of closeness by asking him to play music for you over Voice Conversation, or using Voice Clips
  • Introduce your partner to your friends. Have conference calls with your friends and his. The point is to try to make your relationship as normal as possible.
  • Play games together online. This will give you a feeling of closeness despite not being physically together.
  • Be romantic and send the other person random cards or gifts, which can work even if the couple lives in different countries.
  • To keep the spice in the relationship, send each other random playful emails at unusual or unexpected times of the day.

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