Existential Therapy


Existential psychotherapy is a unique style of therapy that puts emphasis on the human condition as a whole. It is based upon the principles of psychodynamic therapy.it focuses on each person as a unique individual as well as the choices that shape their life. It encourages people to address the emotional issues they face through full engagement and to take responsibility for the decisions that caused them to develop.

Existential therapy is not about pathologising and considering people to be sick but struggling with the very problem of living and making sense of their particular circumstances. It does not focus on personality differences and approaches in trying to understand a client’s behavior. In fact, existential psychotherapists are not there to understand their clients – they assist their clients in understanding their own worlds and use themselves as an instrument to reveal that to clients.

Benefits of Existential Therapy

  • It encourages the person to evaluate their values, beliefs and situation
  • It acknowledge their limitations as well as the possibilities for their lives
  • It emphasizes the individual’s inherent worth and dignity.
  • It helps to find meaning and purpose in their lives
  • It develop more effective ways of communicating
  • It empowers the individual to make choices and take responsibility for his actions.

Existential therapy can be highly effective for youth and adults who are struggling to make healthy life choices.


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