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Infact before I never heard of homeopathic psychiatry. While searching on net for best online treatment of anxiety depression OCD phobia and other psychological disorders I reached Ethos Mind Clinic. When I read about homeopathic psychiatry as one option I was surprised. Can homeopathy help in such disorders. I contacted Dr S K Sharma and since then I have used his medicines on 7 people in my friend circle and family in different psychological conditions. I am amazed with the results. Except for one all other cases have shown remarkable improvement. Not only that, they have stopped taking allopathic medicines. I would say that everyone who is suffering from psychological problems must use homeopathy as safer option without side effects.

Submitted By: Prabhat Saxena

We had so many problems in our marital life that we were on the verge of divorce. We had taken help of many marriage counselors but it did not work. Still I wanted to save marriage and searched for some very good and experienced marriage counselor in new delhi. When I read about Dr S K Sharma I felt that this is the place. Dr S K Sharma has very good approach to marriage counseling. In just three sessions we could solve all our problems. We are today so grateful to Dr S K Sharma. Our marriage is alive and vibrant due to him.

Submitted By: J J and k J

Exams were always difficult for me. I used to go blank even if I study very hard throughout year. My teachers used to get surprised at my result. They expected good result but it would come out disappointing. My father searched for good clinic for treatment of examination fear. He saw about Ethos Clinic and took appointment with Dr Sharma who gave me counseling and hypnotherapy. It worked wonderfully and my fear of exams was gone totally. I have got very good marks in my last exams and I am very happy.

Submitted By: T Meena

How painful it is when we get ditched in life. My boyfriend did this to me. I wanted to die and even tried so. I used to weep whole day and night. My friends brought me to Dr S K Sharma. I was unwilling initially but after talking to Dr S K Sharma I agreed for treatment. I was given psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. In three days I felt as if there were dark clouds which have disappeared. I slept peacefully and found calmness of my mind. I wish to thank Dr S K Sharma for helping me out of that state.

Submitted By: E S

Since my childhood I had history of having panic attacks with severe anxiety. My mouth turns dry, hands would shake, I had fast heart beat and sweating. Doctors gave me medicines there was some improvement and then again. Due to these attacks I lost interest in everything. While reading about anxiety I found about Ethos Body and Mind Clinic and decided to meet Dr S K Sharma. I took hypnotherapy and some medicines. That proved very helpful. I no longer gets panic attacks and I feel normal first time in life.

Submitted By: Sushant

I have taken hypnosis treatment from Dr S K Sharma for confidence and stammering. I wish to say that in 5 sessions I have seen very good result and my stammering has reduced. Now very rarely I feel stuck while talking. I am also feeling very confident.

Submitted By: Atul Khanna

My life was disaster. I was heart broken, smoking a lot, depressed, sleepless and what not. One day I came across this website and I thought to see if something can help. I am happy today that I decided that. I took hypnotherapy from Dr S K Sharma along with some counseling. It changed my state completely. I found new hope, rejoined my office and left smoking. Its like new birth to me. My parents today are so happy. We all thank Dr S K Sharma for such wonderful work. Thank you Dr Sharma.

Submitted By: Amrita

Everyday I was getting complaints about my son from school from his friends neighbours and what not. I tried everything scolded him punished. Nothing helped. His class teacher asked me to meet psychologist. I asked if she knows some she refered me to Dr S K Sharma. I tookmy son to his clinic. We discussed everything. He listened very carefully. He also discussed our family environment. I realized how I was transmitting my stress to my son. I discussed my own problems also. We decided few changes at home. I started working on them. I am so happy to say that they worked, it helped not only my son but also me. My inner state became so peaceful. My husband is so amazed. I fully agree with Dr S K Sharma that when a child is disturbed, parents need counseling.

Submitted By: Niharika

Right from childhood my thinking was different. I was inclined towards religious books religious thinking but slowly I found myself so different from others that I started to stay alone. I became misfit would spend whole day thinking. Even my family members started ignoring me. I searched for psychologist who could discuss spiritual topics and check what was wrong. I searched for spiritual psychologist in delhi and found details of Dr S K Sharma. I fixed my appointment and went to see him. I poured my entire life. In few sessions he explained everything to me. I got new light like enlightenment. Today I am spiritual but it is very practical and I live my life with full satisfaction both my spiritual life and worldly life. I have now realized what is real spirituality.

Submitted By: Rama Shankar

Doctor Sharma I want to thank you for all your kind help. Your tips and guidance has helped me tremendously. My relation with my wife has improved. And so are my relations at office. Now no one tease me infact others are asking me what have I done how I have changed so much. It is all because of you sir. You are sent by God.

Submitted By: Simant Bose

I had created mess for myself. I was engaged and marriage was about six months away. Then all of a sudden another guy got close to me. It wasnt serious to begin with but dont know how it got. Within days both knew n hell. Fights fights fights day night my life was in hell. I could not decide thought of killing myself. Then my fiance brought me to Dr S K Sharma. We told him everything. I was surprised how nicely everything was settled. He helped me to understand my own emotions. It was like clear sunshine. I am married now and very very happy.

Submitted By: Bhawana

I would like to tell everyone. If you have any psychological or personal issue, do not wait. It can really harm you and your life. Take immediate help from psychologist. You will get better and infact learn a lot about positive living.

Submitted By: Smita

Thanks Doctor

I wish to thank Dr Anjali. I visited her for back pain and I was under tremendous pain. Her treatment worked like magic and I got immediate relief. It was amazing.

Submitted By: Sumit Verma


I took psychotherapy treatment for my decision making and depression. I am very happy with the result. I am now able to make better decisions and have come out of depression. I wish Dr Sharma great success so that others who are suffering like me can benefit. May God Bless him and this wonderful clinic Ethos.

Submitted By: Sumesh


My sister was suffering from phobia of darkness and ghosts. It was so much that every night she would be scared and could not sleep due to fear. We brought her to Ethos Body and Mind Clinic and started treatment from Dr S K Sharma. Treatment has been very helpful and my sister has no fear.

Submitted By: Amrinder Singh

My wife had hatred for sex

Ever since we got married we never had good sexual relations. My wife would find excuse some or other to say no. I was under stress. I tried my best to improve relations but she was least interested. I wanted to divorce her. Once I read on internet that some people have sex aversion and this needs to be treated. I looked for best sex clinic or sex therapist in Delhi NCR. When I read about Ethos Body and Mind Clinic I was sure that this place is the right place. We started treatment. It was found that my wife had low libido due to some negative thinking about sex. Within few days my wife showed good response to treatment. Now we have very good sexual relationship.

Submitted By: Samir


I feel like reborn. For past 7 years since my separation I was under depression. There was a total cut off from everyone. I felt miserable whenever I had thoughts of my past & my ex-husband. My parents were worried. They consulted Dr S K Sharma for my treatment. Initially I refused for treatment but my parents convinced me to take psychotherapy on phone. I agrred and started it. Slowly I started to feel changes inside me. I am now fully cured. There are no past thoughts. Life is normal again.

Submitted By: Smita

Anxiety about my health condition

I had very bad self anxiety about my health. Sometimes it was as if my heart will not beat sometimes if I will have some infection. I was spending hours on internet reading about diseases. Whatever disease I will read I felt I had that. I had seen almost every doctor in Delhi. They had done all tests but no test was showing anything about disease. Even then I had anxiety. One of my friend asked me to meet Dr S K Sharma. He had taken treatment for his OCD. I too started my treatment. After my treatment I am much better. Anxiety thoughts do not bother me now.

Submitted By: Anand Bose

Thanks to you Dr Sharma

Dr Sharma it is a great pleasure to convey that my daughter whom you treated for sleeplessness & depression is fine now. For so many years she was suffering. I wish we had met you earlier. I am highly grateful to you.

Submitted By: Ramesh Asthana

For years I was underconfident. I would feel shy, find it difficult to make friends and I could not get success as much as I wanted. I attended hypnotherapy under Dr S K Sharma and that proved very helpful. I feel confident and make good friends. I am getting more success. People say I have changed a lot and I am happy.

Submitted By: RD

I was madly in love and when he left me it was more than death. I lost all desire to live. I wanted to die. I would weep whole day and night. One of my friend forced me to meet Dr S K Sharma at Ethos Healthcare. I did it for my friend but within 2-3 sessions I started to feel calm. After few sessions I felt as if I have woken up from a dream. I regained myself. Today I am happy, enjoying my life and looking forward to a good future. Thanks Dr Sharma, you are wonderful.

Submitted By: Amrita

I was smoking for over 22 years. I tried to quit but could not. One day I came to know about hypnosis. I decided to give it a try. I met Dr Sharma and started hypnosis sessions. Honestly I was amazed that in one week I was off smoking. It was fantastic. Hypnosis is wonderful.

Submitted By: Keith T

I thank Dr S K Sharma for saving my marriage. I was suffering from impotence and lack of sexual desire. This was causing major problem in my marriage. I took allopathic medicines for almost two years but it did not help. While searching net I came across this website and I decided to meet Dr Sharma. I started hypnotherapy and now I have gained good sexual desire and vitality. My married life is good now. Hypnotherapy has helped me like a blessing.

Submitted By: A J

I was depressed as I was overweight due to excess eating. It was very painful for me emotionally and was badly affecting my life. I tried everything like slimming centre, dieticians, gym but nothing worked. I then met Dr Sunil kumar Sharma at Ethos Clinic and joined hypnotherapy under him. I saw change in my eating habits after first course of hypnosis. My craving for sweets was less and I started eating less. I did 20 sessions of hypnotherapy and lost 32 kg. More than that I have started eating healthy diet. I now feel more energetic and more confident. My personal and social life has improved dramatically. It is like new birth for me.

Submitted By: Vandana

My younger sister took hypnosis sessions from Dr S K Sharma for examination fear. I am pleased to state that she has gained much confidence and has secured very good grades in recent examination. Best wishes .

Submitted By: Sandhya Gulati

I was suffering from fear of air journey. Even a thought of flying used to make me sick. It affected my career as I was supposed to travel. I met Dr S K Sharma and discussed my problem. I took hypnotherapy sessions. There was good change and in few sessions I gained confidence to take air journey. I am very happy to become free and enjoy my travel now.

Submitted By: Vimal T

We Sanjay and Bhavna have taken online marriage counseling from Ethos Body and Mind Clinic under Dr S K Sharma. We are pleased to say that it was a very good learning experience. We could see what wrong we were doing and how we can do thing in more positive manner. Our efforts are now positive and gives better outcomes. We do not keep issues pending. Dr S K Sharma is very experienced and has very deep understanding of relationships. He has created happiness in our life. We thank him for his kind guidance.

I should call it marriage or remarriage. I was separated from my wife. We had some serious issues. We got divorced. I had big psychological problem after divorce. I was devastated. My cousin asked me to meet Dr S K Sharma. She had taken marital counseling from him and was very happy after that. I met him and told him everything. I felt better. As I continued my sessions I realized how I could have solved my problems and had a good married life. I was feeling bad. One day I sent my ex wife a message telling her how I was feeling. She responded by saying that it was bad for everyone and nothing can be done now. I asked her to meet or talk to Dr Sharma once. She refused but then agreed. She met Dr Sharma. After these sessions we both realized that we could have easily avoided it and also that deep inside we still have some feelings for each other. We solved everything and in one month we were married again. Today we are happy, very happy.

Submitted By: Sahil & Tara

We had major fights almost daily and problem was money. Its not that we had not earned money but it was problem. I thought he was wasting and he thought I was wasting. We had less when it was required most. This was very stressful. One day we decided to take some help. We searched for best marriage counslor in delhi ncr or best online marriage counselor in India. We found about Dr S K Sharma. And what great it was. In just one meeting it was solved. And then it looked so simple. We did that and we are happy that we are spending on choice and also saving.

Submitted By: Geetha and K Nair

I am grateful to my father who asked me to go for pre marital counseling. At that time I laughed but decided not to disobey him. We both met Dr S K Sharma. It was in first session I realized how crucial it is to attend pre marital counseling. Today after 3 years of marriage I have wonderful relationship with my husband all due to those sessions. We could see what all can create problems and take measures before damage. When I see my friends carrying negative memories I thank my stars and Dr S K Sharma for all those wonderful tips which we are carrying till date.

Submitted By: Parul

We were married for seven years but it was a painful journey. Lots of problems were there and we had almost decided that we must get separated. Then one day while searching net we read about Dr S K Sharma and decided to meet him. And that was our best decision. We could understand what went wront and could resolve that without any negativity. More important we learned how we can easily understand each other, support each other and create happiness in our life. We are so happy today.

Submitted By: Vivek and Kavita

My wife a huge temper issue. I compromised whole life for sake of my kids. But it was sad to see that same thing had gone into my kids behavior. Their own family life was getting disturbed. I looked for some good counselor in Delhi. I read about Ethos Body and Mind Clinic. We had family counseling s
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Submitted By: S Narang

We were friends since childhood. It was not love kind of thing but we were very very close. I would often spend my time with her n share my thoughts feelings everything. We would help each other in problems. Then came one boy and I got involved. He did not like and since then he started behaving str
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Submitted By: Zarina

Mine was love marriage and I was very happy to be married in a well settled and status family. I never thought that I would face such behavior from my in laws. For unknown reasons they were against me. I had nothing personal there. My husband tried to support initially but then he gave up. Later eve
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Submitted By: Namita

As with most families, my family was in trouble due to frequent fight between my wife and my mother. I was depressed. Then I met Dr S K Sharma. We had few sessions of family counseling. Now there is peace at home. And to add my relationship has improved with my wife.
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Submitted By: Santosh

I was dating a nice guy but got complicated as I got attracted to someone else. I was in a spot and could not decide what to do. I took online relationship counseling from Dr S K Sharma and my thoughts got clear. I could understand my love and true love was back in my life.
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Submitted By: Susan

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