Life after divorce


Divorce is a great loss and a crisis which has a huge impact on the lives of everyone who is involved. Whether a marriage was short-term or long-term, the pain felt by the individuals involved in either type is often quite similar after it dissolves. The end of a relationship is always a difficult time. There are many things you’ll need to focus on during this difficult time and at times.

The end of a relationship can damage self esteem and self confidence. Over the coming weeks and months you need to really focus on looking after yourself. After divorce, it is important to try and get your life back as soon as possible. The following tips will help you to get through this difficult time and face the future with hope.


  • Set small goals – when times are feeling really tough it may feel as if you’re getting nowhere. Setting yourself small achievable goals not only boosts feel good chemicals, but also boosts your confidence.
  • Start a job searchif employment or finances are an issue. Get some help with your resume from someone you know who has some expertise in this area.
  • Look after your health. Make sure you take regular exercise and eat nutritiously
  • Laughter really is the best medicine so make sure you make time to see friends and have some fun too.
  • Make time to Relax. Whether you prefer reading a book, going for a walk, soaking in the bath, going for a run or gardening – it really doesn’t matter.
  • Discover a new side of yourself. Maybe it’s trying a new sport, considering a different place of worship, or going back to college.

The amount of time to completely move on after a divorce is as varied as the reasons for divorce itself. Some take two years and others can span decades. But whatever the length of time you require, the sooner you allow yourself to grieve the loss, the sooner you can move on and find happiness in your life.

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