Psychotherapy for anger


Anger is an emotional state that has a bad rap. It can be a sign of serious psychological diagnoses such as major depression or bipolar. People who have been experiencing anger for a long time may have lost the ability to see that there are different levels of anger and a professional will help you readdress this imbalance and recognize the difference between, for example, irritation and fury.
Psychotherapy is a valuable tool for people who need help controlling their anger. With psychotherapy, a person who struggles with anger can learn what lies at the root of their frustration and rage. It empowers a client to face uncertain and stressful circumstances with control and emotional balance that benefits their mental and physical health and the well-being of those around them.

The benefits of psychotherapy for anger

  • You may feel happier and more confident
  • It helps to improve relationships
  • It enables you to learn specific skills to help you manage triggers for anger effectively.
  • Gain  understanding which enables you to act more effectively in challenging situations
  • It teaches you how to relax, how to stay calm and be peaceful when you feel a surge of anger.
  • It helps you learn some problem-solving techniques.
  • It fully embrace your life

Through anger psychotherapy you can experience a non-judgmental, honest clear and supportive approach which opens the door to experiencing yourself in a different way and using anger constructively, in a way which empowers you to live your life.

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