Psychotherapy for eating disorders


Eating disorders are serious health conditions that can be both physically and emotionally destructive. Certain psychological factors predispose people to developing eating disorders. Most people with eating disorders suffer from low self-esteem, feelings of helplessness, and intense dissatisfaction with the way they look.

Psychotherapy as treatment for eating disorders will most often be delivered by a psychologist however; psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counselors, and social workers may use aspects of these approaches in their treatment of eating disorders. the psychologist identified important issues that need attention and developed a treatment plan. It helps the patient replace destructive thoughts and behaviors with more positive ones.

To ensure lasting improvement, patients and psychologists must work together to explore the psychological issues underlying the eating disorder. Psychotherapy may need to focus on improving patients’ personal relationships. And it may involve helping patients get beyond an event or situation that triggered the disorder in the first place.

Many different types of psychotherapy have demonstrated effectiveness in treating eating and food issues. Some of them are:

  • Cognitive analytic therapy – it can gain insight into how eating disorder fits into their experience of life and their early relationships.
·         Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – it aims to adjust unhelpful patterns of thinking and behavior in people with eating disorders.
·         Interpersonal psychotherapy – it focuses on a person’s relational skills and how they contribute to their eating disorder
·         Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) – it is based on an emotion regulation model of eating disorders.
·         Ego-oriented individual therapy – it focuses on building coping skills and developing the identity and autonomy of the adolescent with the eating disorder.

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