PTSD Post-traumatic stress disorder


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental state that is cause by experiencing a terrifying event. Common symptoms are anxiety, flashbacks or thoughts of event, fearful dreams or nightmares. Person may have difficulty in coping with his or her life.


  • Always feeling as if in danger
  • Avoiding places, activities or people that may directly or indirectly remind of the traumatic event
  • Complex emotions with irritability, anger, guilt or shame
  • Difficulty in starting or maintaining relationships
  • Disturbed sleep and nightmares
  • Easily startled or frightened
  • Emotional distress and self destructive behavior
  • Emotionally numbness
  • Flashbacks as if reliving the traumatic event
  • Hopelessness and despair
  • Lack of interest in activities and life in general
  • Lack of pleasure or positive experience
  • Memory and other mental problems
  • Negative feelings, thoughts and behavior
  • Recurrent painful thoughts about event
  • Suicidal thoughts or attempt

Causes and Risk factors

  • Witness or experience of traumatic event. It could be physical, emotional, sexual and even financial.
  • Feeling of being vulnerable
  • Childhood experiences and parenting
  • Other conditions like anxiety or depression
  • Disturbed brain chemistry
  • Poor support system


Post traumatic stress disorder can disrupt whole life –  job, relationships,  health and almost everything in life. It may lead to depression, anxiety, addictions, dangerous behavior, eating disorders, suicidal attempt. 


  • Positive early childhood and parenting
  • Develop a healthy strong personality
  • Develop positive support system
  • Seek early professional help


PTSD is diagnosed based on history of event, signs and symptoms and psychological evaluation. In addition other factors like daily life management and approach towards life can help in diagnosis.



Some types of psychotherapy used in PTSD treatment include:

  • Counseling
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Exposure therapy
  • EMDR


Some types of medications can help PTSD:

  • Antidepressants.
  • Anti anxiety medications.
  • Sleep medicines


Homeopathy has excellent response in treatment of PTSD. It can help in giving quick relief from complaints, in avoiding harmful behavior as well as in resolving traumatic memories.

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