Spiritual counseling


Spiritual counseling refers to such a service when the advice or guidance provided is based on spiritual principles. This does not have to be associated with a major or organized religion. The focus could simply involve connecting the benefits of spirituality with the improvements that a person wants to see in his or her life. True spiritual counseling can embrace all religions, allowing people to retain their current faiths, beliefs and practices.

In Spiritual Counseling the emphasis is on wholeness, dealing with the whole person, and assisting the client in inner balance and integration of all the dimensions of Self. It is experiential and focuses on the client’s individual experiences and reality, so the counsellor respecting them as unique assumes that the client’s reality is different from their own.


Spiritual counseling is sometimes based on the principles of major organized religions such as Christianity or Islam. In these instances, it is usually religious leaders of these organizations that offer guidance. They use principles that are derived from holy books such as the Bible or Koran.

Benefits of spiritual counseling

  • It helps a person accomplish her goals by reinforcing ideas that there is a force greater than each individual
  • It can help a person to grow and achieve in ways that she previously found difficult or impossible.
  • It can help people overcome emotional problems such as those caused by bad relationships or abuse.
  • It helps you explore the key issues you face, identify the underlying causes and develop and implement a plan for addressing them and moving beyond them.
  • It will give you hope, peace and an alternative way of looking at situations.
  • It will aid you in making confident decisions about your life.
  • It empowers you from within so that you can live a life of freedom grounded in the truth about who you really are.

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